Tell us about yourself.

I work in the service department and get to build and fix bikes. I also do whatever small jobs need doing around the shop such as taking out the trash, inflating tires and admiring cool bikes.

I'm a  Jackson county high school student that loves to ride and race my bike any way I can! I was first introduced to bikes by my father and was hooked when my friend started racing. I've raced xc, road, a criterium and even did an enduro (though I don't know if I can say i raced it). I love everything about bikes and spend my time off the bike planning cool rides, imaginary bike builds and watching races! I'm a firm believer in shimano and fox components and love debating the intricacies of bike technology. If you want to debate the best parts for a bike, discuss the best bikes or riders in the pro peloton or talk about the latest bike technology, I'm your guy!

What's your favorite ride?

My favorite road ride is the Tuesday night group ride and my favorite mountain bike ride is lapping Black Mountain in pisgah.

What's your favorite bike?

My favorite bike is my santa cruz blur xc bike and my favorite component on it is my fox 34 stepcast.


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