Enjoy the ride — without leaving anything behind.

The Hub is proud to be your neighborhood Benno e-bike dealer. We've chosen to carry this line of e-bikes because they are unparalleled in quality, utility, and fun! Come on in for a test ride.


Maximum range & cargo capacity! When you need to bring the kitchen sink, Boost has you covered. 24" wheels provide a low center of gravity and incredible durability without sacrificing ride quality.
Carry up to 440 lb.


Lean mean commuting machine! eScout looks and rides like a high end "acoustic" bike, but doesn't sacrifice anything in the power or cargo carrying categories. 27.5" wheels provide a sporty and comfortable ride.
Carry up to 400 lb.


Approachable, fun & quirky! RemiDemi brings e-tility to everyone. Its compact size and low standover height make it easy to handle for riders of all sizes. It's the perfect car replacement for urban dwellers.
Carry up to 400 lb.

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