Serious steel bikes...

...for people who don't take themselves too seriously. These are just a few of our favorite Surlys. Come on in for a test ride.

Bridge Club
All Road Touring Bike for Any Destination

Bridge Club thrives on multi-surface adventures. Whether you're mixing dirt paths with paved shortcuts or spicing up a road tour with a forest detour, it's ready. "Bike touring" can evoke visions of remote highways or woodland trails. With Bridge Club, you experience both terrains seamlessly. Indulge in diverse journeys!

Nothing More is Needed. Nothing Less Will Do.

Challenge: Craft an affordable, no-frills steel bike that excels on both pavement and rough surfaces. Enter Preamble: a versatile bike that embodies simplicity. It supports racks, fenders, and water bottles, reflecting Surly's thrifty ethos. With a resilient double-butted main triangle, it's smooth on roads and endures wear. Customize with various bars or storage. Preamble is your introduction to steel bliss.

Breaking the Mold with a 29er Bike

Krampus, the pioneer of "plus" bikes, revolutionized trail riding with its high-volume, large-diameter tires, debunking the myth that big tires slow you down. Sporting a long toptube and short chainstays, it elevates trail performance. Unlike a mullet's business-front, party-back philosophy, Krampus is all about making every ride a celebration.