June 19, 2023

Beat the Heat

It’s officially summer! Georgia summers are HOT, but this doesn’t have to put a damper

on your two-wheel adventures this time of year. This is a great time for riding as there is more

daylight, lots of fun group rides, and plenty of racing and events to spectate or participate in. To

beat the Georgia heat and make the most of your summer cycling adventures, however, it is good

to keep a few things in mind:


     1. HYDRATE!! Take more water than you think you need, and plan for water stops on

longer rides. If you are far from town or a store stop, most churches have an external

water spigot you can use to top off your bottles.

     2. EAT! Hot environments result in higher heart rates especially for those who are not

yet acclimatized. This means relative intensity increases, and your body burns

through more energy to do the same amount of work on the bike than it would in

more moderate temperatures. Fill your pockets with gels, chews, bars, and bananas

and fill your bottles with carbohydrate and electrolyte mixes. The bike is not a time to

diet. Fuel yourself well, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel during

and after your ride.

     3. TIME IT RIGHT! We don’t always have much control over the times of day that we

will have the chance to get out and ride, but it is well worth it to beat the hottest parts

of the day by getting rolling early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

     4. EXPLORE! Summer is the time of year that many people take some time off from

work. What better way to spend your time off than riding your bike in new places!

Head up a couple hours north and enjoy the views and cooler air of the blue ridge

mountains or do that overseas bike trip you always wanted to do!

Get these things right, and you’ll roll through the summer like a champ.

See you out there!

Sarah G