January 17, 2023

Dressing for Winter Riding

It can be challenging to ride through the colder months here in Georgia. You can start your ride with temperatures around 32 degrees and finish with the temperatures in the low 70's. How do you dress in a way that works with our weather? We asked two of our favorite local legends to tell us what they wear when they go out for a ride in the winter.

Jonathan Miller, one of the nicest Roadies around says you have to start your ride out a little chilly - not cold per se, but on the uncomfortable side of chilly. Generally, you can count on being warmed up after about 10 minutes of riding. Jonathan suggests doing a few jumping jacks and pushups just to kickstart the warming up process. If you start out comfortable your body heat and sweat get trapped inside your clothes which can make for a miserable ride.

Scott Clegg is a true lover of mountain biking and an all around cycling legend here in these parts. His advice for winter clothing is layers and then, using them wisely. He agrees that you have to start out a little chilly and trust that you will warm up. Keep your layers thin. Choose wool when you can for those base layers as it breathes better while also wicking sweat away from your body.

Both riders prefer leg and arm warmers as those are easily shed and because they are small you can easily store them in your pockets when you get warm enough to take them off. Both riders also prefer shoe covers if the weather is below 40. You definitely need to keep your ears warm no matter the ride. And don't forget a neck gaiter/snood which can be pulled up over the nose and mouth to help with breathing in really cold air.

Ultimately it takes some experience, trial and error to figure out what you are going to wear, but it helps to start out with the right gear.

We keep arm and leg warmers, gaiters, gloves, and shoe covers both riders recommend in stock.

We are happy to help you pick out what you need to stay on the bike through winter.