March 19, 2024

Georgia Hi-Lo Trail

April 15 at 6:15pm at the Hub Bikes

Come hear our good friend and amazing trail blazer Mary Charles Howard share about the work she is embarking on, the support she has and the support she needs as she works towards bringing the Hi-Lo Trail to Georgia and the citizens of rural Georgia.

She will also share information about the 2024 Athens to Savannah Ride as well as the programming for Kids Bike League.

Bring chairs for sitting for her slideshow and talk.

The Georgia Hi-Lo Trail Story

After four years of being frustrated with a lack of safe cycling and economic opportunities in her home town, Mary Charles Howard decided to take matters into her own hands.

In 2019, she launched the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail initiative.

After seeing the success of Athens’ own Firefly Trail, she decided to build on the great work of that trail by extending Firefly Trail’s original 39-mile trail south another 200 miles with the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail – through Sandersville and beyond – and ending in Savannah, GA.

Upon completion, the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail will be the longest paved trail in all of America.