November 17, 2022

Head Honcho Speaks

Hey Everyone,

We have not sent out a newsletter in quite some time I know. We have been very busy taking care of all of our great existing and new customers during this pandemic bike boom. We appreciate all of your business and want to go above and beyond for all of you now. We are planning to really bump up our after sale services to keep you all busy on your bikes! Our team at the shop has worked very hard to put together an informative and relevant newsletter for you. We will have information on places to ride, tech tips for home, events to participate in, and more! Sarah Hubbard will be heading this up and boy is she amazing!

We have a couple of ambitious goals this year to help make enjoying your bike in Athens better. We have some great organizations in town that do a lot for cycling but need our help. BikeAthens and SORBA are two that really need our help with talking to our city commissioners to let them know we need more protected bike lanes, paved paths, and dirt trails. We have reached out to the Mayor and our district commissioners to let them know how many of you bought bikes the last 3 years - it is a lot! Thank you again! As a shop, we can only do so much. Your voice matters and will further help us achieve these goals. You can click here for a list of Commissioners and their email addresses.

We are going to start a quarterly fun ride for all to attend. This will be an easy 8 miles or less where everyone can join. We want everyone to come so we can show that bikes are a great way to get together outside for some social time while also showing our presence on the roads.  Our newsletter will have a list of events to keep you all busy on your bikes.  Our first Fun Ride is planned for March 30.

I wanted to talk about inventory and how lead times have affected most industries. The bike business is still having some serious struggles with getting bikes to market. We are continuing to see long lead times on many products. But, our store manager, Jim Stradley, is all over this and he is getting the items you need. We have placed large orders to ensure that we can get that bike that you need. We have had inventory during the entire bike boom and will continue to have them. There are many shops out there struggling to get bikes because of the brands they carry. We are proud to be a Trek retailer. We are very lucky that Trek is placing large orders to all their factories to ensure their retailers have bikes.  Please reach out to our sales team.  Let them know what your next bike is.  We will find it! If you want to do this online we have a handy bike finder right on our website to get that process rolling.

Once again thank you for your business and we look forward to serving the Athens, GA cycling scene for a long time. Once this pandemic is under control we need to have a big party to celebrate our overdue 20 year anniversary!

See you on the road or out on the trails!

Brian Molloy (Head Honcho)