October 26, 2023

Head Honcho Speaks: It's November!

Hello Everyone!

The leaves are falling and so are the temps! This is my favorite time of the year to get on my bike. My 4 year old son loves to go on Greenway adventures with me pulling him in his trailer.  Riding with friends, family, or an after work solo Pink Church Loop on the road bike makes me so happy.  

Because the days are getting shorter I think about visibility and safety a lot more this time of year.  Don’t forget those blinky lights, warmer clothing, and snacks on all your adventures.  My favorite piece of clothing this time of year is a vest.  It is easy to take on and off as the temperature fluctuates. Arm, knee, and leg warmers are clothing options that can easily be taken on and off as you get hotter or cooler on a ride and they are pretty small so they are easy to store in your pockets.

Have you been thinking about some new gear for your bike or maybe even a new bike?   It is a great time to be a consumer with the deals and lower prices on everything bike related.  Our end of the year Clearance Sale! kicks off this month and will go through the end of 2023. Key bikes and accessories are all marked down.  The bike industry is motivated to move products as things settle down from the COVID boom years.  

Even though our fun rides are winding down this time of year it does not mean you should stop riding. Remember those other people you met on the fun rides we do?  See if they can ride at other times through the winter to keep your riding going.  We are taking this time of year to plan another great year of fun rides for 2024.  We are also planning some other events over the winter that will help with your prep for spring when you get back out there during that sunny time of year. Thinking about bike packing? We can help prepare you for those weekend adventures. Come on in and let’s talk. 

This time of year our service department slows down pretty significantly which means our tune up and repair times are not as long as they are during the busy season. Does the suspension on your mountain bike need overhauling?  Does that wheel you’ve been “making do” with need rebuilding?  Or how about those small noises you only notice when you ride your bike that drive you crazy??   Get with Joseph to get it into the shop.  We would love to help you.

The Winter Holidays are coming up fast so be ready. We will have all the stuff in stock from now to the end of the year to get you prepared for the holidays.   I know my little guy wants his first pedal bike and we can’t wait to see him ripping it down the Greenway.

Enjoy Fall and the beautiful weather!

Head Honcho