June 19, 2023

Head Honcho Speaks:: It's Vacation Season

Hello Everyone,

Summertime is family time! Vacation time is here for the whole family. If you are

planning on going out of town this summer with your bikes, let us help you plan to make

sure they are ready for wherever the road leads you to new adventures! The Service

Shop is busy, so our lead times might be a bit longer than you might normally expect. We encourage you to plan ahead. We can help by scheduling a time for you to bring your bikes in so you can get them in time. Email Joseph at service@hubbikes.com to make it happen.

Need that new bike for your growing family? We have them and they are either on sale

or there is new lower pricing on key models that we have in stock. The staff is excited to

get your kids in to their next bike with our Kid’s Bike Trade Up Program so ask about it

next time you are in the shop.

During the whole summer if you come in and test ride any Trek E-bike you have the

chance to win prizes with a scratch off ticket. Are you curious about them? There is

truly no better time to test ride an E-bike if you have not done so. They are so much fun

and can help you keep up with those energetic kids this summer.

We would love to see pictures of your family vacations. Please consider tagging us in any

of your social media posts. It makes the staff happy to see our customers having

adventures on their bikes.

Please be safe on all your travels and we can’t wait to help you with your future

adventures. We are always here for any questions and to help. Please don’t hesitate to

reach out.

Brian Molloy


Head Honcho