February 13, 2024

Head Honcho Speaks Jan 2024

The dark and gloomy winter is almost over here in Georgia. The cold mornings give way to warm and sunny afternoons. It’s the best time of year to be on a bike if you can get out.  I have become such a fair weather rider the older I get, but I love afternoon mountain bike rides this time of year. A friend of mine once said “I have had more bad rides than you have had rides in your life so just go ride your bike”.  I still think about this every time I ride my bike and get caught in some inclement weather.  Especially on those days when you go out because it seems so nice but then the winter weather sneaks up on you. Some of the best rides I have ever had happen this time of year. But, then you have to deal with a dirty, noisy, and messed up bike – our specialty.

We have 2 weeks left in our winter service special so you can get that dirty, noisy, and messed up bike ready for the good weather. The staff is eager to help you get that old bike out of the garage and ready for the Greenway and Firefly! Bring us that creaky dual suspension mountain bike that needs the suspension and pivots serviced! Bring us your sweet new road bike that has been on one too many winter rain rides lately and really needs some love for those sunny spring days coming up. Call or email Joseph in the service center to schedule an appointment. 

Thank you to everyone that came out for Jered and Ashley Grubers slideshow.  We had a great time hosting them at the store a few weeks ago. They talked about their lives as professional photographers in the world of cycling.  They shared a slide show of some of their favorite photos while they talked about the day to day of what they do. It was great to hear and see the exciting work they do. They really are pretty amazing and inspiring! 

We have another great local legend, Billie Sargent, coming to talk to us about her new book, The Road to Now Here. Billy had a wonderful adventure with her partner riding their bikes around the world in the 1980’s – before cell phones and pocket cameras. She is going to read a few excepts from her book and talk about the adventures she had. Please join us March 4th at 6:15pm here at The Hub.

Thank you all for the love of our special slice of heaven we have here at The Hub Bicycles. We look forward to talking with you next time you stop in to hang out. 

We appreciate all of your business.

Brian “Head Honcho” Molloy