January 17, 2023

Head Honcho Speaks: January 2023

Hello Everyone,

Now that 2022 has come to a close we all have new goals and challenges for 2023! We are here to help support you in those new riding goals. Let us know what they are so we can help you achieve them. You need a new bike? No problem we have bikes in stock and thankfully the bike shortage is pretty much over! Do you need your existing bike serviced?  We love to work on bikes.  Service and regular scheduled maintenance will help you achieve those2023 riding goals. Every year we have our winter service special so we can help get you off to a good fresh start. Stop in and let the service team get you taken care of. 

We have set a few goals for 2023 that we would like your help with. We really would like to make Athens, GA the great cycling town that everyone says it is. We are on a great path right now with greenways and bike lanes but we need a lot more help. Please reach out to your commissioners and the mayor in support of projects that help improve cycling in our town. If you need help doing this please ask us we are happy to help you figure out what to do to be helpful. Sarah H. will be putting out all kinds of great information this year to keep us all in the loop. If you have something to share and want us to get the word out please email sarah@hubbikes.com.

We value all of our customer’s feedback. Please share with us your experience every time you come to the shop. We want to make The Hub Bicycles the best shopping experience you can have! Please call or email me at brian@hubbikes.com anytime if I can help. 

We also have some exciting news with some great new products we will be carrying for 2023! We have become the area Surly, Salsa, and Benno bikes dealer! We should have bikes from Surly and Salsa in stock this month for you to check out.

Come see us!  

Brian Molloy (Head Honcho)