January 17, 2023

January 2023 Ladies Ride

This month the shop Sarah's are leading this month's Women's Only Ride. We will get Daisy back into the fold in February.

Monday January 23 at 12:00pm

Ride will leave from The Hub Bicycles

Ride is limited to 20 women.

Please RSVP to Sarah@hubbikes.com to let her know you plan to attend.

This ride will go through the 5pts neighborhood to the Oconee River Greenway then back through campus.

We will ride approximately 10-15 miles depending on how everyone is feeling at an easy pace (10-12mph).

This is a NO DROP RIDE.  We will stop at intersections and wait for everyone to join together again as a group before moving on.

Bring water and snacks.

The intention of this ride is to create a place for new women riders to ride our bikes together and cultivate some community in an encouraging low pressure environment. Our hope is to introduce ladies to group riding, help you feel more comfortable on your bike in a supportive group, while also developing some basic bike skills to encourage confidence.