May 2, 2023

Monday Night Road Ride

The Firefly Bridge is OPEN!!

We are so pumped (pardon the pun) about it that we are pedaling it over EVERY MONDAY evening.  

S‍tart your week with a fun Road Ride.

Join us on MONDAYS at 6:15pm for a 25ish mile road ride led by your very own Jim Stradley.

Helmets and Bike Lights are Required.

This ride will be a faster pace than our 5PTS Fun Ride.

Party Pace on the Greenway and Firefly as we head out of town (13-15mph). Once we hit pavement pace will pick up to (15-17mph)

The ride will take us through campus over to the Firefly then out to Winterville and back by way of Old Lexington and College Station.

Route can be found here: Winterville Monday Ride

If you have any questions about this ride please contact Jim