November 28, 2022

November Head Honcho Speaks

Hello Everyone!

I love the holidays! This is my favorite time of year for many reasons. It is finally not 90 degrees with

90% humidity. The leaves have changed and mostly fallen to the ground; and FOOD! Growing up in the

north it was very cold this time of year so not much cycling was happening. But down here in Georgia

this is my favorite time of year to get out. Being in the woods on my mountain bike with all the leaves

down; makes the ride so much more beautiful. You can see everything and it just feels more peaceful. I

do have to bundle up to stay warm but once you get moving it is awesome!

Family time is also important to me this time of year as well. I try to spend more time with the ones I

love and worry about the little things of my day to day a lot less. I also take a lot of time to reflect on the

year and what I have done to make our little world here in Athens, GA better. I try and get out more

around town and spend my dollars locally where our tax dollars can be put to work for us! We have so

many wonderful small businesses in town. Shopping online is great and easy but, we lose the tax dollars

which help our community grow. Supporting the local economy is so important and we appreciate every

dollar which gets spent here at our store.

We have done a few things that make shopping with us easier this year. You can shop online on our

website for most of the products we carry and just pick them up in store. We also have made our

inventory available on Google so if you are online and just want to see what we have in stock you can

just type it into Google. We should come right up at the top of the list. Of course our favorite way to

help you is to see you in person. We love to see all of you and talk to you about your lives, rides, and

goals. We are also happy to help you shop for your favorite cyclists.

Please stop in and see us this holiday season. Spend those hard earned dollars locally on the ones you

love or yourself!

Happy Holidays!!

Head Honcho