June 20, 2023

VITUS: Rider Stories: Flicker Racing

“We live our lives in a way that we won’t look back in 30 years and be like, ‘well, it would’ve been cool if we went to these races, but we were too worried about our career[s].’”

A far cry from the secluded team buses of the European peloton, American crit racing is grassroots, hard and fast street racing amongst a feverish crowd. It pits the world’s fastest professional racers against amateurs skipping out on their 9-to-5’s in chance of an upset. It’s all about the atmosphere, the electrifying vibe – and no team epitomizes the scene better than Team Flicker Racing.

Team Flicker takes on speed week in Athens, Georgia as they put their skills to the the test in our latest Rider Stories episode.

Photo courtesy of Sean Green

Video courtesy of Vitus Bikes