November 17, 2022

Winter Training

As many get in winter base miles, I would encourage those who don’t already to mix up

their training with something different from what they are used to doing. This can look

like mixing in some sprint intervals on your next ride, taking your training offroad (or vice

versa), starting a strength training program, or even learning a new sport. These different forms

of activity provide your body with a new stimulus to adapt to, resulting in improved

neuromuscular connections, greater power production, better movement mechanics, and the

overall development of a more robust and resilient athlete. Yes, it is true that you need to ride

your bike to get faster on your bike, but you might be surprised at how trading in some riding

time to try something different will not only make you feel fresher mentally and physically on

the bike but also will allow you to feel more in control while riding and more efficient when

putting power through the pedals. Though the addition of cross training often results in lost time

on the bike, the benefits often greatly surpass any potential drawbacks. As with everything

related to physical training, you will want to ease into any new discipline as your body adapts to

novel loads and movement patterns, but the off-season is an excellent time for tweaking your

training and trying something new.