What do you do?

What I do at The Hub… Funny statement that my staff say about what I do is “I do everything everyone else does not want to do”

Tell us about yourself.

I was a punk kid and my mom had her hands full as a single mom! So needless to say I was all over the place and my bike was my way out and about. As a young kid it took me all over Manchester, CT with my buddies. Fast forward to Illing Junior High School I was trying to find my way as a young adult in a public school so I tried some sports. So I tried the Cross Country team, but it was just a bit too much work to get good at it. Not sure what year it was but my big brother ordered a Touring bike from Bike Nashbar and they shipped him a race bike by accident. So he decided to race instead of go touring. Good thing he did because he is really good at it even to this day. So I travelled with my mom and sister to all his races and I got interested. So when it was time for big bro to get a new bike I inherited the Nashbar Road MKII! It was so fast and I was free to go much farther now. It took me a couple years but I eventually got up the nerve and did my first race at Somerset Square in Glastonbury, CT. Some kid chopped me in one of the corners and I crashed out. I acted like some snotty little kid and threw my bike. My Grandmother saw this and said "if that is how you are going to act I am never coming to one of your races again, so pick up your bike and pick up your attitude."

So I picked up my attitude and got into it! I raced bikes all through high school, college, and into my early twenties and loved it. Bikes brought me to Cary, NC with my friend to open his bike shop for a little while. There I learned a lot from him on how to treat customers and run a good shop. I lost touch with racing for a while but still rode my bike a lot! I travelled to Europe a few times, saw the Tour de France and got to ride in a ton of cool places. I volunteered in the World Special Olympics and saw the joy it gave kids when I took care of their bikes for them. My twenties were a great time.

Through my time traveling I found Athens, GA and the Twilight Criterium. I thought of opening a bike shop but was not sure where to start. So I visited Athens again and thought it would be a great place to open up!

What's your favorite ride?

My favorite ride in Athens is probably the road ride from Athens to Rutledge and back. Stop at the Red Caboose for lunch in Rutledge.

What's your favorite bike?

My favorite bike is my Seven Cycles Sola SL Mountain Bike. 

Favorite bike product is Tubeless tires. They have made cycling so much better on many levels for all types of bikes.


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