What do you do?

I work in Sales.

Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been in Athens all my life. I love it here most days. I love all the options for riding bikes and adventuring our little "big" city has to offer. I consider myself to be a naturalist enthralled by the natural world - especially birds. Ride with me and you are likely to have to stop so I can listen to a bird song or to capture a photo. I am also a visual artist making original fabric collage wall hangings. My website is listeningtosilence.com. You can also find me on Instagram at @listening.to.silence.

What's your favorite ride?

Anything offering unpaved surface - though I do also love riding my road. I especially love a fast rolling downhill on single track I've worked to get to.

What's your favorite bike?

Currently my favorite bike is my Trek Fuel Ex that I custom built here in the shop. It will take me to all my favorite trails deep in the woods where the wild things roam.


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