What do you do?

I work in sales and seek to help customers find the right bike for the riding they want to do.

Tell us about yourself.

I moved to Athens several years ago for school, and I have loved living here. Not only is it a great community but also it is a cycling haven. I am a current UGA graduate student finishing my masters in Kinesiology, but in my free time I love to get out there and pedal on the road or the trails. Cycling has been a way for me to get outside, stay fit, challenge myself, and meet new people along the way. My hope is that I can help others also discover the joys and excitement of the sport we all love so much.

What's your favorite ride?

East side dirt loop and any road loop with smooth roads, rollers, and pretty scenery.

What's your favorite bike?

My new Émonda. Smoothest and fastest bike I’ve ever ridden.


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